With summer behind us, the lessons remain

It’s always a little bit melancholic when the summer comes to an end: there’s a bite in the evening air, the colours go from bright and vibrant to soft and golden, and the days inevitably get shorter. For me autumn has a certain beauty to it, almost a poetry if you’ll allow me to be colourful about it, because it always allows for one to reflect on the past summer. Summers are my favourite part of the year because they are always filled with friends, travel, nature, and seeming 24-hour activity. However, in autumn I feel like I get a chance to reflect and process everything that has been happening.

When I was a child I would often go to summer camps, which were always the highlight of my summers as I got to explore and have adventures free from the eye of my parents, as I saw it at the time. I went to marching camp and also an outsides adventure camp where I felt like real, independent person when out in nature.

As an adult now, it’s no wonder to me that I now regularly volunteer at a summer camp. It’s not that I’m necessarily a big fan of children—though I certainly do like spending time with them—but rather I can remember how important those summers were to me and I like be able to provide kids today with a similar experience of independence that I had when I was young.

And I feel that now, as an adult, it’s very possibly even more rewarding than when I was younger. As I don’t have children of my own I’m always overwhelmed with the joy the responsibility of looking after children and the trust they place in adults to take care of them. It’s quite a pleasant experience and I especially love seeing the world through the eyes of children to whom everything is new and exciting.

As I’m now at home and the autumn is here, what I can remember most about summer camps, both as a child and as an adult, is the fun and carefree spirit that summer truly is for me.